MONOfashion film..Vιοτη…

The Greek small letter “ν” is the equivalent of the English small letter  “n”.. But as you can see, when written, it looks like a “v” 😉 Welcome to MONOspace V..and the summer story of “Vιότη” through the eyes of some Vigorous Voyagers.   P.S. νιότη = nioti = youth MONOspace V / 7-21 June 2017 / 79-81 […]

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MONOfashion editorial…Voyagers..

MONOspace V tells a story of some Vigorous Voyagers.. ..No doubt they were close..No doubt they were different… Few were tired of this thing called life..Others were disappointed by familiar feelings…However some were still buoyant about the nicest season of the year coming up… So when the frivolous one felt the sparkle..the fire was on… Voyage is […]

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