MONOfashion film..Vιοτη…

The Greek small letter “ν” is the equivalent of the English small letter  “n”.. But as you can see, when written, it looks like a “v” 😉 Welcome to MONOspace V..and the summer story of “Vιότη” through the eyes of some Vigorous Voyagers.   P.S. νιότη = nioti = youth MONOspace V / 7-21 June 2017 / 79-81 […]

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MONOfashion Film..wishes…

On a sunny winter day, a few hours before the change of the year..the rendez-vous is set for downtown.  Two girlfriends are scrolling around Athens, cherishing their friendship, exchanging Christmas presents but mostly having fun. Between ancient marbles and winter prints, street style and street art, flowy fringes and careless dancing moves..their playful spirits set the […]

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Dear fellow followers, This is the MONOteam writing. We regret to inform you that, due to challenging space-hunting  times and in combination with some technical difficulties we are facing, MONOspace is NOT coming to London town this Christmas. We realize this will interfere with many of your “Christmas Shopping” plans and we are very sorry […]

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