MONOfashion Film..wishes…

On a sunny winter day, a few hours before the change of the year..the rendez-vous is set for downtown.  Two girlfriends are scrolling around Athens, cherishing their friendship, exchanging Christmas presents but mostly having fun. Between ancient marbles and winter prints, street style and street art, flowy fringes and careless dancing moves..their playful spirits set the […]

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MONOfashion film…trippin..

Leaving the city lights behind her…she is heading east, just a few days before Christmas. The journey is short but slow just like the winter days in the countryside… Equipped with only the necessary, she is entering the surreal context of hers – the world of the other – where life gets by peacefully and the […]

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ΜΟΝΟfashion film…MONO Inertia…MONO Αδρανεια

The sun…the colours…the sea…the blue sky..the textures…the unbearable heat…the girlfriends…the summerhouse…the boredom…the clothes…the style…the procrastination…the inspiration…

MONO gets into the ultimate mood..the everlasting Greek summer mood…and creates Αδράνεια, a concept that will travel to MONOspace NottingHill and that will welcome you all there to get a taste of Greek summer..

MONOspace NottingHill / 11-21 June 2015 / London

Film Credits
Fim&Editing: Dimitris Dicky Bury
Art Direction: Myrsini Mokka
Production: Niovi Lak
Models: Yvonni Ntosta, Alexia Mihalos
Hair&MakeUp: Emily Kouzouli

Dido / Ioanna Kourbela / Kimalé / Annie P / Parthenis / Christina Economou / Wildwood / V-Society / Roses Are Red
Detailors / Paolita / Wéngko Molé
Blanc (hats) / Deep Shallow Exposition (sunglasses) / Grecian Chic (scarves) / Sun of A Beach (towels & beach bags)
Park House / Rainy July
Maria Mastori / Tatiana Choremi / Haniotis / Virginia Tzioti

And A Special Thanks to Playmorph

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