MONOspace NottingHill

11-21 June 2015

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat, 10am – 8pm and Sun, 11am – 6pm

Address: 81 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG, Notting Hill, London

This time, the curation, compromising of; womenswear, jewellery, accessories, alongside a selection for beachwear and sandals, is characterized by its elegant, feminine, summer chic lines, featuring the work of some of the most well known designers from Greece but also presenting some very promising emerging talents.


  • Annie P
  • Parthenis
  • Ioanna Kourbela
  • Kimalé
  • V-Society
  • Olga Efterpiou
  • Dido
  • Christina Economou
  • Wildwood


  • Paolita
  • Detailors
  • Wéngko Molé


  • Virginia Tzioti
  • Tatiana Choremi
  • Mala Siamptani
  • Haniotis
  • Maria Mastori


  • Park House
  • Generation Generous
  • Rainy July


  • Blanc (hats)
  • Grecian Chic (scarves)
  • Deep Shallow Exposition (sunglasses)
  • Sun of A Beach (beach towels and accessories)
  • Roses Are Red (nightwear)


  • Isapera

Window Display

  • Melissanthi Spei

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