A Concept Store Made In Greece  

MONO = Mοναδικό = Unique

MONO is a new mobile fashion concept store giving a UK platform for exclusive pieces by emerging contemporary Greek designers that is popping up in different London locations. Each space is curated to reflect the aesthetic character of the neighbourhood it temporarily inhabits and is running for a period of ten days and new locations are openning every 3-4 months.

Inspired by the vibrant energy that is bubbling across creative and cultural life in Athens – from architecture to events through to fashion – despite the tough social-economic situation there, MONO is a celebration of Greek design NOW.

The founders and curators of MONO meet personally with each designer they work with and see their creations for themselves before they conclude on their selections for each MONO space based on quality, their own personal aesthetics and the concept they want to create for each MONO space.

Founded by Marina Bury Christellou and Myrta Mitropoulou, both 30 and friends since high school, MONO represents their shared passion for creating a positive, inspirational and exciting platform to help take Greek design a step further in the global fashion and design arena.

“We are incredibly proud of contemporary creativity in Greece and that designers coming out of Greece are drawing on our heritage in new ways. Starting from our second home London, we felt compelled to create unique spaces for statement pieces by some of these talented craftspeople.”

MONO is an ongoing, organic project. MONO’s vision is to travel more and make appearances in other European cities and furthermore to present a collective Greek initiative to the rest of the world.

The first MONO space, located in Shoreditch at 30A Redchurch Street, took place on 19th  to the 29th  of March 2015.

For future MONOspaces…stay tunned!


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