MONOspace Shoreditch

19-29 March 2015

30A Redchurch Street, E2 7DP

Launch: Thursday 19 March, until 8pm

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat, 11:00 – 19:30

Sun, 11:00 – 18:00

The first curation for MONO space Shoreditch, comprising of; womenswear, menswear, jewellery, accessories alongside other design objects, is characterised by its androgynous, minimal or experimental feel, features the work of some of the most fashion forward designers currently working in Greece.

Designers for MONO space Shoreditch:

  1. Dido (womenwear and menswear)
  2. Sotiris Georgiou (menswear)
  3. A Future Perfect (womenswear and design objects)
  4. Embrace (womenswear)
  5. Digitaria (womenswear and menswear)
  6. Stelios Koudounaris (womenswear and menswear)
  7. Clon8 (womenswear)
  8. We are Still Bold and Beautiful (menswear and womenswear)
  9. The Artians (womenswear)
  10. V-Society (womenswear)
  11. Christina Economou (womenswear)
  12. Myksa (womenswear)
  13. Bijoux Bizarres (jewellery)
  14. Chrysokona Mavrou (jewellery)
  15. Pavlina Alexia (jewellery)
  16. Aumorfia (jewellery)
  17. Maria Mastori (jewellery)
  18. Nefelia (jewellery)
  19. Aliki Stroumpouli (jewellery)
  20. Ioanna Souflia (jewellery)
  21. Ippolito (bags)
  22. Georgina Skalidi (bags)
  23. Helen Heliotou (bags)
  24. Blanc (hats)
  25. Rain Patterns (scarves)
  26. Deep Shallow Exposition (sunglasses)
  27. Studio Lav (design objects)
  28. Christina Ioannidou (artefacts and jewellery)

MONOspace Shoreditch is supported by Aegean Airlines, Apivita and The Life Goddess Deli.

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