MONOfashion film..Vιοτη…

The Greek small letter “ν” is the equivalent of the English small letter  “n”..

But as you can see, when written, it looks like a “v” 😉

Welcome to MONOspace V..and the summer story of “Vιότη” through the eyes of some Vigorous Voyagers.


P.S. νιότη = nioti = youth

MONOspace V / 7-21 June 2017 / 79-81 Ledbury Rd, W11 2AG, London, UK


Photography: Dimitris Dicky Bury and Christoforos Sarris

Make Up Artist: Antigoni Akritidou

Hair Stylist: Stylianos Tasikas

Models: Nicole Margeti, Aggeliki Αivatoglou, Anastasia Stylianidi

Styling: MONO

Production: Niovi Lak

Music: Peze Kafe by Fonés

A very big THANK YOU to: PIRÉE Art Centre in Piraeus, Athens, GR

Clothing: Ergon Mykonos / Waikiki Andros / Levinia Konyalian / Liana Camba / Wéngko Molé / Coco And Silk / La Vaca Loca / Sãdh / Chicuel / ChristianZen Couture

Jewellery: MARMAROMETRY / Sofia Papakosta / Tatiana Choremi / Mōrphe London / Anna Kitsou / Joanna Cave / Noilence

Bags: Kooreloo / Cleo Gatzeli / Bleecker & Love / Salty Bag

Sandals: Kalliniki

Accessories: blanc hats / Eleni Malami scarves / t.e pareo / Quixotic notebooks / Christina Morali design objects

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