MONO presents its Greek Designers for MONOspace V

Get ready to travel away with us..

Here is the list of designers for MONOspace V…


Ergon Mykonos (clothing, shoes, sunglasses)


With the amphora as a symbol, Ergon Mykonos leads the victorious blend of ancient heritage and modern life, instilling a fresh style into the contemporary aspects of art and fashion.

Why we picked Ergon Mykonos?

A brand we are in love with for a while now and finally, we have the chance to share it with you! Its sophisticated style will WOW your friends when you choose to wear any piece of their S/S17 collection!

More about Ergon Mykonos

Eleni Malami (scarves)


Eleni is a print designer based in London originally from Athens, Greece.  After graduating from Central Saint Martins in Fashion Design amongst other things, she created a premium range of silk scarves alongside some prints. Her first silk scarves collection is named Botanical Renaissance, demonstrating her take on the very traditional technique of botanical drawings. Spontaneous and instinctive drawings come together in a vibrant & youthful collection that is all about fun! All artworks have been hand drawn and painted in Eleni’s home studio in Hackney.

Why we picked Eleni Malami?

Her vibrant collection of scarves will add colour and a playfull mood in MONOspace V! And when we tried her headpieces…Oooooh…we loved them!

More about Eleni Malami

MARMAROMETRY (jewellery)

Xenia Nefelly Vlachou is the designer and creator of the brand Marmarometry. Her studies began in Athens and continued in Rome at the “Accademia di Costume e di Moda”, with a major in Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing. In 2015 she created the brand Marmarometry. Since then, her jewels are placed in more than 50 stores through wholesale, in Greece and abroad.

Why we picked MARMAROMETRY?

Marmaro in Greek means marble and MARMAROMETRY is about what happens when Marble meets Geometry. Her pieces have the same aesthetics that ancient Greek architecture does so, when it comes to sophisticated jewellery, it has to be MARMAROMETRY!


Waikiki Andros (clothing)

Waikiki Andros is a carefully designed and crafted collection of limited pieces for women. The elegant and beautiful Kiki’s creations are made from the finest material in Athens and are sold in her beautiful shop in Waikiki in Andros.

Why we picked Waikiki Andros?

For her most elegant and comfortable all day/night garments. If you can’t make it to Andros island this year, just pop in MONOspace V!

More about Waikiki Andros

Elena Karavasili (bags)

elena karavasili final

Elena Karavasili takes us into a minimalistic and luxurious atmosphere, by discovering stunning colors and carefully crafted leathers. Muted tones of underbrush, animal skins and sophisticated monochromes are part of each collection. The leathers sourced, are from the highest grade and environmental certified, to ensure the final product adheres to the brand’s quality standards. The brand envisions a handbag that preserves the designer’s Greek roots while transforming traditional leather goods into an intelligent, progressive design enhanced with a functional aspect that is based on the needs of the modern woman.

Why we picked Elena Karavasili?

For its Minimalism and Classicism! Beautifully crafted handbags in excellent quality!

More about Elena Karavasili

Noilence (jewellery)


Noilence jewelry is inspired from the memories of the past to explore the versatile aspects of the future. The conversation between traditional and modern is everywhere in Noilence’s work and is embodied by pieces that strive to capture the beauty of both. Geometry, symbols and nature all figure strongly in Ioanna’s Andritsou work, creating a style that could be described as “primitive futuristic”.

Why we picked Noilence?

We love that these pieces are bold and big, but at the same time so classy and elegant!

More about Noilence

Liana Camba (clothing)


Athens-based fashion designer Liana Camba creates versatile yet sophisticated womens wear since 1987. Liana Camba’s designs focus on flattering a female body and adapt a woman’s personal style to her demanding everyday life. All garments are created in her premises under her personal supervision.

Why we picked Liana Camba?

We love how Liana Camba is mixing textiles and creating lines that surround and flatter the female body.

More about Liana Camba

Kalliniki (sandals)

According to a local myth, the first people of Karpathos island, loved their home so much that kidnapped the Olympian Gods and brought them to the island. It is true that even today, in some villages, the locals conserve ancient traditions that are dated back to the ancient Doris and The Minoan Crete. One of these traditions are the local clothes and shoes that are worn by the women every day. These clothes are being made through traditional methods and are dated back to antiquity.

Kalliope and Niki Mastomanolis were born and raised in Karpathos. Inevitably, they were influenced by the lifestyle and the methods used to make clothes and shoes. Their desire to adjust and enhance the traditional techniques of making shoes, combined with their love for creation and their restless spirit, lead them to the decision of pursuing professionally the industry and in particular the making of sandals.

Kalliniki was created to combine the conventional methods with a modern and innovative perspective of designing. The lines are mainly geometrical and minimal and their aim is to show the power, the elegance, and the independent spirit of modern women, turning sandals into shoes that can be worn from morning to night.

Why we picked Kalliniki?

A new brand that actually discovered us and we bring it to you for its geometrical and minimal lines that exhale elements of power and elegance at the same time. Wear them from morning to night!

More about Kalliniki

Levinia Konyalian (clothing)


One of the most creative “couture” designers of our country, she has a long history in garment making and experience can be found on the details and fitting of each piece she creates.

Why we picked Levinia Konyalian?

We cannot identify our personal style more with any other than this designer’s style. We love her spirit and enthusiasm. We love her “madness” and her beautiful, unique pieces!

More about Levinia Konyalian

blanc (hats)

Konstantinia Vafeiadou founded her brand Blanc for a unique collection of handmade hats in 2012, in Athens. She studied Fine Arts and Costume design at London College of Fashion and worked as a freelance costume designer for theatre productions and produced a number of performances presented in festivals and theatres around the world. In 2011 she represented Greece in Extreme Costume section of Prague Quadrennial, the most influential set design exhibition worldwide. Her passion for craftsmanship and design inspired her to experiment with millinery techniques and explore the boundaries between fashion and art.

Why we picked blanc?

Maybe the only brand that has been in all MONOspaces so far, blanc hats are to die for and we can’t be more proud to have them on board again this summer..

More about blanc

Tatiana Choremi (jewellery)


She started her brand in 2008 and she had been the first to make handmade jewellery with threads. Since then, her collection is been organically developed and her fans are growing equally. Tatiana spends her days on the island of Egina and her creations are always inspired by nature and the sea life.

Why we picked Tatiana Choremi?

MONOspace will showcase designs of Tatiana’s jewellery because our customers just love them and keep asking for them! Her classic “evil eye” will always be with us alongside other new and exciting creations!

More about Tatiana Choremi

Wéngko Molé (clothing)


Wéngko Molé describes the action of wrapping the sarong around the body as a means of protection when the day fades into evening. Wéngko Molé is a concept based resort-wear brand, inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, the brand aims to bring its qualities to a Western audience.

Digitally printed in the UK, the garments are crafted in the finest silk and finished by hand in Greece such that shape and colour work together to emanate both elegance and comfort. Vibrant bold prints take the wearer to the furthest escapes, offering a truly sensational summer experience.

Why we picked Wéngko Molé?

During summer days and nights we live in our Wéngko Molés! They made such a great impact in our previous MONOspace that we had to show you the designer ‘s new collection of prints and shapes!

More about Wéngko Molé

Chicuel (clothing)


Chicuel is a new brand by Eleni Georgopoulou that combines beautiful patterns with simple lines in wearable clothes for contemporary women. Influenced by her love for the ethnic culture geneve, Eleni has created a collection of clothes, characterized by intense colours and intricate designs.

Why we picked Chicuel?

Easy to wear and even easier to love, these clothes are simply…simple and perfect!

More about Chicuel

Anna Kitsou (jewellery)

Anna, the name behind the brand said…”When I focus on a piece of jewelry, the material itself, my clay, guides me. I think of forms, shapes and textures. A ceramic jewel has the energy that our body has. It is composed of the four elements of nature. Each piece is a journey through land, water, air, fire… It becomes one with the human body, it takes its temperature.”
Why we picked Anna Kitsou?
We have a thing with materials and when we saw these ceramic pieces of art, we just fell in love with them…

More about Anna Kitsou

ChristianZen Couture (caftans)

ChristianZen is a high end resort and beach wear brand. The collection is made from Greek natural fabrics, mainly woven, and is produced locally. ChristianZen signifies a potent mixture of romanticism with comfortable couture reflecting summer lifestyle. “Every ChristianZen collection is inspired by life. Travels, cultures, people, nature. Pictures I see, voices I hear. Everyday’s input that all together come to life in this mix & match, multi-culti collection that ChristianZen is all about. Thus, connected by a fine line of elegance, comfort and simplicity. It’s all about feeling beautiful and unique… We all are”. Sidsel Christiansen

Why we picked ChristianZen Couture?

Sophisticated beachwear is a MUST!

More about ChristianZen Couture

Kooreloo (bags)

Kooreloo is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags. It was born out of artist Lila Karagianni’s realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects.

Why we picked Kooreloo?

A brand that is evolving fast and is getting prettier everyday! Absolutely fantastic bags that we are proud to have in MONOspace V.

More about Kooreloo

COCOANDSILK (clothing)
cocoandsilk final

Konstantina Alveratsidou created COCOANDSILK in 2014. With her basic studies in architecture and house design, she jumped into fashion, a great love of hers ever since she can remember herself. The idea behind the brand is to create long-lasting apparel using the best quality fabrics, while paying attention to detail.

Why we picked COCOANDSILK?

Konstantina is aiming in developing a brand that is against “fast-fashion”. “Small quantities but great qualities” is her motto and we share the same ethos. This collection is simply simple and beautiful and that is all we need!


Sofia Papakosta (jewellery)

Sofia Papakosta was born in a small village of Karpathos Island, Othos. She studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and she has never attended any jewellery schools or seminars; her designs are solely driven by imagination and the love to develop her own techniques. Her designs mainly pop out of unconscious references to insular folk culture but are also influenced by other cultures. This might be the reason why her creations resemble ancient statues of Kore and Caryatids, women figures, or even appear to imitate Greek and Byzantine jewellery.

Why we picked Sofia Papakosta?

We spotted something different in Sofia’s creations, something elegant and noble and we thought they fit perfectly with our vision for MONOspace V.

More about Sofia Papakosta

t.e.PAREO (pareos)


t.e.PAREO brand was created by Tanya (t) Dimitrakopoulou and Eleni (e) Prablanc in spring 2012. The inspiration is drawn by Greece’s unique light, landscapes and colours. Greek summer’s iconic features such as bright bougainvilleas on white island houses, shiny pebbles found on favourites beaches, the unique architecture of Cycladic villages, inspire every year our limited editions.

Why we picked t.e.PAREO?

Pareos – these small pieces of fabric – are all we need while we are on our summer holidays! Especially if those are made of high-quality cotton fabrics, either gauze or traditional cotton sheeting fabric as this is seen and used in small Greek villages! Wear them as a dress, a skirt or a scarf and you will immediately relate to Greek islands’ distinctive scenery.

More about tepareo

Lila Lekka (swimwear)

lilalekka final

Lila Lekka Swimwear is a high-end swimwear brand launched in 2015 by Royal College of Art graduate textile designer Lila Lekka. Lila’s idea behind the brand was to create luxurious and sophisticated pieces with unique eye-catching prints, while focusing on shapes and cuts that flatter the feminine silhouette.
Why we picked Lila Lekka?

Because her unique prints and great shapes is all you need in the water.

More about Lila Lekka

Joanna Cave (jewellery)


Joanna Cave is a jewellery designer, whose elegant creations are informed by tradition, yet exudes an air of modernity and refined aesthetics treasured by those who value simplicity and elegance. Born in London, Joanna grew up on a remote Aegean island where her family owned a jewellery shop, housed in a traditional Cycladic building in the centre of the island. Influenced by the wild beauty and distinctive architecture in her traditional surroundings, Joanna developed a keen aesthetic sense, and her artistic flair led her to a foundation course at Central St Martin’s and a degree in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University. The concept of sustainability was awakened after finishing her studies when she began to experiment by melting old silver pieces in order to reuse them for the creation of her first collection. Today she uses recycled silver and gold as well as ethically sourced pearls.

Why we picked Joanna Cave?

Because her unique designs and great aesthetics connect us with the flair of the Cyclades.

More about Joanna Cave

Sadh (clothing)


Sādh, meaning ‘prayer’, alignment with soul/essence,” for people who reach one’s goal”
was created by Eleftheria Nikolakopoulou. Growing up in Greece she would sit with her grandmother and the ladies while they crocheted and chatted. She has incorporated that age-old tradition with the most exquisite yarns and fabrics and cutting edge fashion with extraordinary versatility.
Crochet and fine knitwear of this quality and versatility was long missing from the fashion scene. Sadh is the embodiment of feminine elegance, timelessness, and graceful sexiness. You can feel Eleftheria’s love in every piece of Sadh knitwear.

Why we picked Sãdh?

Simply the best collection we discovered for Summer 2017! Sãdh garments will make you wish summer last

More about Sadh

Maa Boo (swimwear)
maabboo final

The Greek-based label Maa Boo swimwear started in 2013 “just for the fun of it” as the two childhood friends Anna and Iloi say. Since then, their collections gained a reputation for their sophisticated but joyful patterns, the innovative colorways, the contemporary cuts and the soft buttery fabrics that shape up the body in the most flattering ways. One of their secrets; they design their own patterns!

Why we picked Maa Boo?

We have been wearing them for a few years now and we absolutely love them and finally, we have the chance to show them to you too!

More about Maa Boo

Morphe London (jewellery)

Morphe London is a brand of 3D printed jewelry. It combines digital forms with the intelligence of 3D printing technology in order to embrace the body and at the same time make a statement. Geometric forms and natural shapes are a primary and a timeless source of imagination and creativity. The body is a canvas, a field of exploration and the jewellery is an accessory for that. It transforms instantly its geometry, its shape. It follows the curves and the bones of the body and becomes an interactive part of it.
This work is about beauty, elegance and exploring digital art forms on the body.

Why we picked Morphe London?

It is all about the stainless steel..

More about Morphe London

La Vaca Loca (clothing)

Lavacaloca brand was born, inspired and materialised under pure Attica light. A light that is powerful, clear and ideal for bringing out the best of all creations.This is the secret that enlightens the whole manufacturing process. The collections of Lavacaloca are where the West and East meet. Τhe abstraction, the minimalism, the geometry of the Far East, the natural dyes and the earthly expression of the Mediterranean, combined with the bold colors and patterns from Africa, embellished fabrics, pleats, gutters and binders, all together form an everlasting modern world. The almost fetishistic relationship with textures of fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, along with the excitement every time technology of synthetic fabric presents a new discovery, constitute the raw materials for the creations of Lavacaloca, that always manages to surprise in every presentation of a new collection.

Why we picked La Vaca Loca?

For its fresh approach to clothing although the members of the team -and the family (as La Vaca Loca is a mother, a daughter and a son) have an old history with garment making!

More about La Vaca Loca

Salty Bag (bags)

Conceived during a Corfu Sailing Club seminar in January 2013, Salty Bag is designs and handcrafts handbags, totes and luggage that know and weather the elements. Salty Bag creatively reuses decommissioned sails, giving them a new life and new value. Even after reaching their end of service at sea, sails will retain their strong, long-lasting, weather resistant nature – perfect for being upcycled into tough, elegant travel bags and accessories to cherish for years to come.

Why we picked Salty Bag?

Salty Bag is unique! The whole idea behind the brand and the proccess of making one bag is absolutely admirable. So are the final products! And if you are about to go to sea, well then what better than have your “sails” ready…?

More about Salty Bag

Cleo Gatzeli (beach bags)


“Cleo Gatzeli” is a designer brand launched in the market in 2011. It’s all about uniqueness & inspired creativity. The designer -behind the brand- aims to help people feel special when they use, wear or carry one of the products of her collection.

Why we picked Cleo Gatzeli?

Cleo creates what she misses from her wardrobe and then she realizes that she was not the only one missing a boho beach bag or a cute straw pouch that you can wear from day to night either on a sunny island of a crowded city! We love Cleo’s creations and so will you!

More about Cleo Gatzeli

Melissanthi Spei (jewellery)

melissanthi final

Melissanthi Spei is a graduate from MA Fashion Artefact at London College of Fashion. She previously studied Fashion Design for Industry at the School of Textiles and Design of Heriot Watt University and Art, Media and Design at University of Wales, Newport. Her heritage (coming from Greece) in combination with her creativity inspires her to create contemporary and sculptural garments. Part of her identity as a designer is to use industrial materials for something historical and old through the exploration of traditional arts and crafts and their projection to contemporary aesthetics. Her latest collection was presented among other graduates at Victoria House Basement during London Fashion Week and has been nominated as an Accessories Finalist for ITS International Talent Support 2013. She currently lives and works in London.

Why we picked Melissanthi Spei?
Her talent is obvious and her creations are dramatic and mesmerizing!

More about Melissanthi Spei

Bleecker & Love (clutches)
bleecker&love final

Imagine the ideal summer bag: light, fun, easy to carry, stylish and durable, versatile so you could carry it from the morning to the evening. The Bleecker bag is all the above and so much more. It comes in a wide variety of gorgeous designs, attributing to the bag the sense of one of a kindness, while its inside waterproof lining presents more possibilities for its use.

Why we picked Bleecker & Love?

Because they are soooo much fun and soooo useful!!

More about Bleecker & Love

Christina Morali (design objects)


Christina Morali was born in Athens. She studied Interior Decoration in “Athenian Technological Institute“ and Ceramic in “Hammersmith College of Art“, London, when one of her works was awarded and placed as a mural at a building in the city of London. Apart from ceramic, she also uses porcelain and earthenware and since 1997 she is also working with cast alumium creating objects inspired by pop art. The techniques she is using are hand building, slip-cast and electric wheel.

Why we picked Christina Morali?

Christina Morali belongs to a group of contemporary artists who throughout the years have given a new lease of life to Greek Ceramics and we could not be more proud to host her art in MONOspace V since we are big admires of her work for years!

More about Christina Morali

Quixotic (notebooks)

Naomi Heretakis, the young and talented Greek-Italian girl behind the new brand Quixotic explains that the name means..”foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals..” The whole idea around the brand derives from Don Quixote..he was a romantic..notebooks are romantic..
Why we picked Quixotic?

We love design and beautiful things! We love Don Quixote..we are romantic souls too and we love writing our notes down to actual paper..

More about Quixotic

Oreanthi (tea)

Oreanthi is Sophia Yota and Eleni. Three women with successful careers in the fields of Marketing, Advertising, Research and Greek Botany who went to school together and have remained close friends. Their Mission is to produce high quality Greek herbal infusions using native whole leaf herbs masterfully blended with flowers to produce novel, interesting and unique tasting blends which enhance wellbeing, the Greek way.
Why we picked Oreanthi?

Greece is blessed with an abundance of wild herbs, flowers and plants many of them indigenous, extremely rare and unique in taste and potency.  This richness and diversity of flora is due to the country’s Mediterranean climate and geological formations (Mountains, gorges, valleys, rivers and islands).
Since we love Greece, we love its tea..and when we mixed the blends and had an iced tea out of them it was so good that we agreed we have to offer it to you again since you loved in MONOspace Islington!

More about Oreanthi

WHITELIGHT  (photography)

Orfeas Sampatakakis
Photo by: Orfeas Sampatakakis

WHITELIGHT is a curated online platform with a focus on contemporary Greek photography by co-founders and editors Gelly Siganou & Ellie Tsatsou.

Why we picked WHITELIGHT?

We love teamwork and we support Greek effort! #alwayssupportthegreeks 🙂 But we chose to work with them mainly because we love their curatorial work and we always try to match fashion with other forms of art.

More about Whitelight



MONOspace V

07 – 21 June 2017

89-71 Ledbury Road, W11 2AG, Notting Hill, London

Opening Hours

Mon – Sat: 10am to 8pm

Sun: 11am to 7pm


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