MONOfashion Film..wishes…

On a sunny winter day, a few hours before the change of the year..the rendez-vous is set for downtown. 

Two girlfriends are scrolling around Athens, cherishing their friendship, exchanging Christmas presents but mostly having fun.

Between ancient marbles and winter prints, street style and street art, flowy fringes and careless dancing moves..their playful spirits set the mood for the New Year.

 As the sun goes down and New Year Eve is approaching, we..wish you all the best for the year to come and we salute you with the promise to be back soon…

Happy MONO Year darlings!


Photography: Dimitris Dicky Bury

Clothing: Annie P / Karavan / Levinia Konyalian / Liana Camba

Jewellery: Haniotis

Shoes: Ergon Mykonos

Hats: blanc

Sunglasses: Deep Shallow Exposition / Ergon Mykonos

Objects: Ergon Mykonos

Music: Good Times by Podington Bear

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