MONOfashion Editorial..Time To Roll…

That’s how it starts..


Brand new shoes, Walking the blues..


Climb a rock..


I can tell that we are going to roll..


Walk with me, Through the city..


And by the wall..


We will rest upon the stall..


And look at all the gifts we found..


Here we are, No one else..


We walked the line all by ourselves..


We don’t notice any time pass, We don’t notice a thing..


Tonight we will dream while in our beds, When happy thoughts go through our heads..

About dresses and friends..

And when we wake up tomorrow even with rain..

You and I will walk together again..


So, Where are your friends tonight?!

Don’t you want to see all your friends tonight?!

Merry MONO Christmas Everybody!


Photography: Dimitris Dicky Bury

Clothing: Annie P / Karavan / Levinia Konyalian / Liana Camba

Jewellery: Haniotis

Shoes: Ergon Mykonos

Hats: blanc

Sunglasses: Deep Shallow Exposition / Ergon Mykonos

Objects: Ergon Mykonos


Due to some unexpected turbulence MONOspace will not take place for A/W 2016-17

The editorial shown here was made for amusing purposes and features MONO founders

Thank you for your support and understanding 😉

PS. We promise to stick with promoting Greek Designers, our modeling career ends here

Written words based on the songs:

All my Friends by LCD Soundsystem


We are going to be friends by The White Stripes

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